Who is Mike Tanev?

Mike Tanev is the sole owner of MT Stables Ontario Inc, the largest single owner of southern hemisphere standardbred racehorses in North America. He also operates CBK Consulting, a used vehicle car broker. He lives in Toronto with his partner Gloria, her daughter, and her grandaughter.

Personally, he is the father of 3 boys: Christopher (Calgary Flames), Brandon (Seattle Kraken), and Kyle who has just began his career as a special constable with the Toronto Transit Commission.

Mike has been a used vehicle broker in Toronto for over 34 years. Understanding how the used vehicle market works as well as buying and selling to other dealers is very time consuming and yet also very gratifying. The ability to buy a vehicle and sell it to a dealer who, in turn, sells it to a consumer for a profit is something that he loves to do.

Being in the car business opened up his eyes to the possiblilities of starting a new venture. As he had been going to the races since 1978, experiencing the thrill of watching and gambling on horses gave him the idea to buy some horses to race himself. This curiosity led Mike to question why southern hemisphere horses were so successful in North America and he took it upon himself to find out why by jumping right in the deep end!

What is MT Stables?

MT Stables Ontario Inc has been in business since February 2020. It was founded with the desire to broker horses from the southern hemisphere for owners and trainers all over North America.

Over the 2 1/2 years of operating the racing stable, he has had the good fortune of purchasing and racing horses such as: Undrthsouthrnsun N, Ivana Flybye N, Speedy Dominic A, Pat Mcgarry A, Never Mind N, and more. The full list of current and past horses as well as their accomplishments can be found here.

Why should you trust Mike?

Mike is uniquely placed to help his clients find the horses they need. Owning and racing horses in both New Zealand and Australia has afforded him with many, many contacts in the south. It is a very time consuming venture that reaches out further than some may imagine. Watching countless replays, dealing with owners and trainers, and purchasing quality horses in several different price ranges are his specialty and are also what motivates him.

As most owners and trainers know, selling horses is not an easy game. This begs the question of why does he think he can be successful? The answer is simple: being a horse broker will mirror the car business in the sense that knowledge of supply and demand are vital concepts in both industries!

Having faith in someone’s ability to find a deal for them would be beneficial to building a great trust relationship with potential owners! Selling that car to a dealer who in turns sells it to the consumer for a profit is the most anticipated call any broker would want when he asks for the ownership.

Finding and brokering a racehorse that in turn goes on to be successful and makes a profit is all he wants. If you look at all of the horses he has purchased and shipped up here to race from the southern hemisphere, his success is far greater than his failure in spotting horses.

It is now time for others to use his expertise in negotiating, as well as over 40 years of watching races to help them find a racehorse that fills their individual needs and most of all makes them a profit. Understanding speed, size of tracks, etc in the southern hemisphere is information that is most valuable for potential owners before they make a purchase.

Let Mike be your mouth, eyes, and ears on the ground in both New Zealand and Australia!